What Is Paparazzi Accessories?

Paparazzi is an amazing, affordable and fun jewelry and accessories company. Paparazzi  offers a direct sales model where you can join and obtain jewelry at a 45% discount and then sell that jewelry wholesale for profit.

Are There Requirements To Meet As A Paparazzi Consultant?

While there are no monthly quotas, Paparazzi consultants are paid a team commission monthly once they have built a team. 

In order to be eligible for team commission each month, a consultant must be ACTIVE each month. Being active requires that you have 50PV (personal volume), the equivalent of buying 25 pieces of jewelry from your back office.

Also, in order to be eligible for website sales commission, you must be active in the month you obtained the sales. 

Besides team and website commission, another great perk of being active is being added to Paparazzi's list of active consultants. That means a random search on their website will pull you up for any potential customers and consultants!

How Much Money Can A Paparazzi Accessories Consultant Make?

Sky is the limit? DEFINITELY NOT! In Truth, THERE IS NO LIMIT!!

Seriously, your work ethic determines your pay. Grind baby, GRIND! Your sales are unlimited. We have a few sayings. If you have jewelry, you have money. The more you show, the more you sell. And.... You can't sell  if you don't show it. 

In regards to team commissions, Please click the below link to see average team commission for Paparazzi consultants.


Why Should I Choose YOU As My Leader?

I am a hard working Leader of 10 consultants ive been in the business for 3yrs, I am here for you day or night.In order to make your business work BEING CONSISENT WORKS. My upline consists of some heavy hitters in Paparazzi and we have access to ALL of their training groups.

What does that mean for you? Training, training, training. We have many support groups and a few other groups as well. Having support is so important when beginning a new business.My attitude rocks! I am one who believes in respect. I treat my team  with respect that they deserve and they return the same respect. If I need to coach, it is done constructively. I do not believe in talking down to people or making them feel less than they are.

 I give my team shout outs for accomplishments, I share all  information so that they are in the know. My team is loved.


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